Message from Underfoot


We’re in your home and by your side.  We're on your couch, on your bed, and in your rearview mirror.  We wait for you and watch for you.  We witness your lives from underfoot. We see you as you are and as you can be.  

From this perspective, we have a message for you:  Be nice!  

We Ain’t Pure and it doesn't matter. Whether you are neutered, spayed, or intact; whether you come from a fancy breeder, a shelter, a pound, or off the street;  and whatever your mix of breeds ... we all deserve respect and to peacefully co-exist. 

To quote one of the founding hounds, we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All breeds, all creeds.

And you're welcome! ; )

Maggie, Millie, Trevor, Slinky, and Raffie

asher + arden donates a percentage of each sale to Marley’s Mutts Pawsitive Change Program and the Juvenile Pawsitive Change Program in support of the rehabilitation of both man and canine.
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— The I Ain't Pure Pack